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Stora-Drain water evacuation systems

Stora-Drain was established in 1979 and is a member of a group of companies specialising in drainage systems. 

Product Range

Stora-Drain can offer a wide range of products and systems that can be of interest to anyone involved with water drainage or water evacuation systems:

  • Stora-Drain linear drainage channels in polyester concrete
  • acces covers and gratings in cast iron, aluminium and steel
  • stainless steel channels and floor drains
  • inspection chambers in MDPE, HDPE and PVC
  • tanks for water treatment

Engineering Services

Stora-Drain can help you to select the most economical and efficient channel drainage system by performing:

  • capacity Calculations for linear drainage systems
  • design works

Product Development

The manufacturing procedure of our products allows for flexibility and consistency. Over the years Stora-Drain has established very good relationships with cast iron foundries and steel products manufacturers all over the world.
We can adapt or modify existing products to suit your needs and we will give the best technical and most economical answer to any situation you have.


Our logistics department can help with or arrange your transportation and will assist you in obtaining the most economical solution for your stock management.


To have a good product is one thing. To know it is another. Stora-Drain will give the necessary support to achieve the best results by offering:

  • telephone support to answer your technical or commercial questions,
  • intensive product training for all your sales and technical staff.
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